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Sis: Hey, uh, so why is it when you look at the sun in a camera it doesn't hurt your eyes?

Me: What? Through a camera lens? That's still—

Sis: No I mean like when it's done and on a screen.

Me: Okay? Like, on TV then?

Sis: Yeah, that. Why doesn't it hurt your eyes?
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May. 27th, 2011

It's almost 1am, but I want to chop up some potatoes and make french fries.

If only I had $25 for a Fry Daddy.

I would use it during the day for regular meals, save the leftover oil with the handy lid, haul it to my bedroom, then fry potatoes in the night. Heart attack all day every day.

good strategy

Got to see POTC4 today. And played Portal 2 last week.

Dove into each ignoring hype and trailers, and expecting to be completely disappointed. Came out actually enjoying the movie, and completely happy with the game. Especially the game. I haven't played anything in years where I actually had a big stupid grin from beginning to end. If I had to compare to something, my feelings (all these emotions lol) about Portal 2 are that it's the Majora's Mask to Ocarina of Time. Which makes more sense if you feel the same way about MM as me in regards to little details, love notes to fans, and a different tone but still familiar. And other subjective junk that's definitely not universal. Huh.

I'm going to do this with everything though. Expect a disaster all the time, and you are guaranteed to be surprised with joy. Everything is better when it's not as bad as you imagined it be, and it's AMAZING when it's very better than beyond your low expectations. I win.

Going to go eat some head cheese right away with this expert maneuver in mind.

dear diary today is a good day

A good day to start becoming burly-armed. Because the sun is all shining. Some bird won't stop chattering. The garden's going to be beautiful. These are good and totally related reasons to work out my arms. Winter fat's getting kicked out of the awesome apartment that is my body, and the new tenant will be muscles.

Also I want to be able to move the fridge without being reminded of how feeble I am when I want to clean behind it. That too.

I love marathoning shows

I have come into a lot of free time lately for bizarre reasons relating to work imploding on my face, so I ended up watching Venture Bros up till the S4 finale in one go. Holy crap. Between this, Adventure Time, MLP, and Sym-Bionic Titan, I really hate Canadian cable for not getting the license to broadcast them (yet?). My sister did buy me the first season of VB though, so I guess it's fair that I can least get those here. Still, deconstruction of genres is basically one of my favourite themes in just about any media, and there's so much love leaking out this cartoon too, and the voice work hnnnnngh. Would that last season count as a reconstruction? I really should have watched it sporadically though, because I'm in that weird buzz state where I need to consume all information related to a series I just finished, and I must talk to someone about it even it means reviving old dead forum posts or bothering meatspace wizards into watching it so I can demand, "OMG this thing entertained me. Now that you watched it, validate my strong feelings for it."

Also got these new contacts. Why the crap didn't I ever consider wearing them before until now? Aside from my beady eyes being noticeable for being beady, it's kinda cool to not have to push up a pair of frames when I need to look up and stare at the sun shit in the sky. Just got to remember to put some eyeliner on so my eyes don't look so small; my hipster frames cheated that for me most of the time.

class at 1pm; time for midnight tv time

I exchanged my graveyard shifts for graveyard easia 101 readings where I hunch over a monitor in the dark. Some of these pdf's are 40 pages long and we're expected to print these out every now and then for "discussion sessions." I think I'll just get a netbook to cut the cost of a new printer and ink.

Dumping a few doodles I found while organizing some folders. Not sure whether to crosspost any of this to communties or dA, or just leave in a scrap pile on my hard drive. There were also quite a few other things, but they look too unfinished to bother at the moment. Like. Unfinisheder in comparison.

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Oh wow. I went to work sad because I actually thought one of Happy Harbor's stores had to close for financial reasons or whatnot. Because I made a brief stop to the tea shop nearby, I figured I would just stop at that particular store and get something to read. I ended up standing around like a confused, sad person for a good two minutes in front of the shop's "FOR LEASE"d windows. They actually only just relocated a block away back in April. News to me since I usually just go the branch that's closer to where I live, rather than the one near work.

What's worse is that I actually walked past the new store on my way back without realizing it until I visited their website looking for answers and comfort.

Seriously though, Happy Harbor is a beautiful place, and it would definitely be worth being depressed over if they stopped existing. They are really cool folks.

Also, that dog Finland and Sweden have in APH can kill itself.
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My drawer sounds like it's falling apart. I'm certain that I wasn't dreaming about the /crack/ I woke up to. When I get back from work, maybe I'll unstuff it of the backlog of games to play. Some papers are falling around the place due to furnace winds (what else do you call wind generated from a windowless room?). This is irking me because I'm a heavy sleeper. I'm a bit worried that I'll sleep through a tornado or earthquake—like an uncle of mine once did back in Zacapa—but only be jumpy enough to wake when my possessions get crushed along with me. Ah, priorities. I need to grow up.

At least it's not rats or ghosts making the noise. I almost thought it was until I remembered that the first one can't penetrate this province's borders.

On the topic of ghosts, I had no idea that the city had a pair (a couple I should say) of paranormal investigators. They're adorable. And a younger paranormal society (their website has flash now. AMAAAAZING). They meet up at the Where Faeries Live shop. I get books and incense from there, so I'm kind kind surprised it took me this long to even figure out societies hung out around them. Still, I wonder if it'd be okay to just drop in on a meeting when I finally have a day off. I don't have anything extraordinary to contribute on my end, but I'd really like to hear about local's experiences, opinions, and whatnot.

Also, I finally got Left 4 Dead 2. It's nice. Nothing particularly noteworthy about it other than new special infected, but it's nice. I mean, the first game's idea was simple enough to grasp. Get from point A to point B, don't die, don't let everyone else die, escape after two tanks, you win hooray. There's not much to really expand on that in my opinion. But it's nice.

I hate playing online though. Admittedly I'm not a good player, but I'm not an incapable one. It's like it's an almost binary group: you're either amazing or awful. The former's intimidating, and the latter is frustrating to work with. Somehow I run into both and they're always very serious to the point of advocating that having fun is a bad thing. I think it's probably about time I actually made friends on Steam. It's lonely.
I'm getting old. At least, I'm feeling that way around most coworkers and peers. Age gap ain't pretty and I'm debating whether or not to pull that "tee hee you can't ask a lady her age" shtick if I'm asked. Skating around issues that aren't really issues; awwww yeah.

Also, I'm putting off the mandatory two science classes until I remember the highschool stuff. I miss being a nerd. What happened?
Spring is my favourite season. Fall vies closely for that spot due to the advantage of being able to wear scarves for the entirety of it. But spring is especially awesome in that I don't have to mistake the crunch of leaves under my boot for a pile of dead beetles.

The weather's lovely enough to wear a sweater outside, and it's not so wam as to dare me to run in the nude. Also, if I'm murdered and dumped in a ditch, I don't have to worry about my body having to be discovered months after winter's snow melts. Just that the relative moisture may decay my body beyond quick identification.

But I seriously hate my on/off allergies to the dust and flying seed things being picked up by the wind and my face. I might just seriously be sick with something—my chest and throat have been sore for a week now. I'm betting on allergies though. My eyes have been watering the moment I stepped outside to grab the mail, and my mucous shares the viscosity of water. Standing up to get a bowl of cereal, only to have a sudden and unexpected torrent of tears and nose fluids fall into my humble meal is not a great way to start my day. The sneezing fits would be fun if I didn't risk accidentally assaulting someone per spasm.

I'm going to investigate those meds they sell for this kind of thing. Some sedatives would also be nice to calm my growing irritation.

Also, happy St. Patrick's Day. I only just realized it's today, but I'm already wearing a green shirt. Mysterious. I'd claim I'm a tenth Irish or something because my great grandma was a red head, but that's just dumb. Happy drinking, snake smashing, or whatever it is people do today.


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