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mostly just posting since it's been a while anyways

I was going through my drawing files, looking for mostly blank canvases to re-purpose since there's no sense in not wasting available white space. Otherwise I end up consolidating multiple files via copy and paste AUGH. Total fun.

Anywho, while futzing around one of these old drawings I can barely remember, I accidentally spewed out what I imagine Profesora Chorizo Trenza, Dr. Salchicha's mentor figure looks like.

• She ties her thick and flowing locks in a braid as a method of making sure she never kills an enemy and potential ally in a fight. kind of like how the legendary Pepperouni Hamshin had a butter knife forged DULL WAYS

• Her signature strand technique is the Follicoil

I think I'm actually giving some serious thought as to where a very meta shounen tale of action hero food people with bdsm undertones might actually go lately :|a

This is the rest of that file. The brown Who The Fuck was hanging out in the middle of it, and I'm not sure if it was supposed to be fanart sketching or general sketching. It's for serious been a while.

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Tags: art, where was i going with this?
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